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Winter/Spring 2006

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     Peter and I (L. Chrystal Dmitrovic) attended the same junior high and high schools many moons ago. Although we never officially dated, we danced together once or twice at Sadie Hawkins dances. (We were in the same class for three consecutive years.) In high school, because of our last names and alphabetical composition of "home rooms", we were not in the same class per sae, although happenstanced together depending on the courses.
     One such grade 11 course was Choir, led by the inimitable Mr. Bennett. Peter and I sang memorably in a choral performance of "The Messiah" at Seneca College in Toronto.
     Choir field trips to Europe (which my parents did not allow me to participate in), were perhaps where Peter first found his love for international locale and had the opportunities to pursue his then hobby of photography. He was also a member of the high school photography club helmed by "Mr. O". (I attended one meeting of the camera club and found that it was an all-male bastion, so declined future meetings.)
     Life took its unique paths for each of us. I went off and got married and dallied in journalism, photography and art. Peter became a professional photographer and has worked for numerous Canadian national newspapers, travelling the world for his assignments and freelance pleasure. He has also been featured in the highly respected specialist publication MAGAZINART. Check out the links below to Peter’s websites for more about the evolution and career of a photographer:

Peter Martin, Photographer
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