The Sneaker Imprint City
a poem by L. Chrystal Dmitrovic

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Winter/Spring 2006

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Conduct a sneaker imprint city
Pull the cord for the first stop
Melt into your seat
And crunch
Some popcorn beneath your heel

Pace the bas relief carefully
Study the indent of time
From footstep to first step
From succession to expression
Crossing eventually street car tracks

An ancient bobby pin
Beside sewer steel
Rusted into clock hands and
Stuck quick like contact cement
In bubble gum

Lift your leg, stare at ground
Buildings whirling round and round
Woven dogmas fly, unravel out of grasp
Curling wails fade ghosts behind
And last patterned lines dissolve

The giant sneaker, laces dangling
Powerful and downward,
Stamps and crushes and creates
One instance only
For the spans of an imprint

Original version Copyright © 1972 Lorraine Chrystal Dmitrovic
(The original version of "The Sneaker Imprint City" was published in the early 1970s in Abacus, the official newspaper of Victoria Park Secondary School in North York, Ontario, Canada)
Revised version Copyright © 2006 Lorraine Chrystal Dmitrovic

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